Theory and Practice of Science
Science C1001-1002, Columbia College

"Theory and Practice of Science" was developed at Columbia College, by Professors Herbert Goldstein, Jonathan L. Gross, and Robert E. Pollack, and first taught in 1981. The two-semester course introduced sufficient mathematics so that original science papers could be used as the basis for study, and presented case studies of scientific practice in the context of general education.

The following is a syllabus of the course as it was taught by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack, Blumberg and others, in the late 1980s. This may also be considered a table of contents for the textbook for the course, written by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack and Blumberg, entitled The Scientific Experience. The book currently exists in xeroxed form, and the chapter entitled Measurement is available at MendelWeb. For more information about the course see the WWW94 Conference paper on MendelWeb. For the current status of the course at Columbia, see the Columbia College Bulletin (listed under "Colloquia", under "Program and Degree Requirements"). For information about the textbook, write to

Semester 1

Mathematics I: The Foundations of Quantification

Mathematics II: Deterministic Patterns and Models

Topics in Modern Physics

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